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The First Question is, "What is EDI Capable?"

What is EDI Capable

I get many calls each month from suppliers who have been told by their customer that they need to be EDI capable.  And their first question is, "What is EDI capable?"  Simply stated, being EDI capable is the capability to send and receive electronic business documents in a specific format based on established standards.  There are essentially two ways to accomplish EDI capability:  Outsource or buy your own software.

Companies who choose to outsource have about as many options as there are days of the year.  Between Web EDI, hosted services, managed services, FAX-to-EDI, email-to EDI, and SaaS...the choices are almost limitless.  And the EDI providers who offer these services each add their own attractive features that make their solutions distinctive.  So depending on your priorities, the chances are good that you will find the perfect outsourced EDI solution.  

Buying EDI software offers many benefits if the volume of EDI warrants such an investment.  There are many things to consider when purchasing software and that's another blog article in and of itself.  But briefly, EDI software consists of a data transformation tool and an EDI communications vehicle.  Many EDI software packages have the capability of handling multiple data formats which is important in today's varied business environment.  You will also likely need VAN service and/or AS2 capability for communicating your data.  

So when the inevitable question, "What is EDI capable?" comes along, starting with this information will get you moving.  Just remember that being EDI compliant is not the end game.  It's an evolving business function and like everything else, must be periodically evaluated and updated. 



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Posted @ Thursday, November 06, 2014 11:03 PM by Kaley
I learned of this blog while researching EDI. I really don't fully understand it. I run a custom gift basket business and have been looking at sites such as, which asks if the company is EDI capable. I'm still a little lost about EDI and whether it would be a cost effective tool. Would having it give the business better leverage at getting companies like to even consider us? I realize it's not an end all, but as a business relatively reinventing itself, want to ensure that I'm making wise and informed decisions. I say all that to say ... HELP.  
As for comment posted Kaley ...It is of poor taste to pen such a post here. If free marketing is what you're searching for then please use qualified forms developed for that. My question now is, "Where's the moderator?"
Posted @ Saturday, November 29, 2014 2:30 PM by Linda
Hi Linda...thank you for the comment. I would be happy to help you navigate your EDI options and help you decide where to start. As for Kaley, she is not real. That is SPAM and it happens all the time. If I tried to delete all of these SPAM comments, that's all I would be doing! :) I have your email so I will reach out to you. ~ Shandra
Posted @ Saturday, November 29, 2014 10:14 PM by Shandra Locken
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